Konstantin Bogomolov
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Konstantin Bogomolov (Riga, Latvia) – Doctor of Science, image designer and fashion analyst, director of the International Education Centre "Bogomolov’ Image School", author of numerous educational and methodological works on the theory and practice of image design.

Konstantin Bogomolov’s name is known to everyone who is even slightly interested in fashion. He is a recognised authority figure in his profession. His opinion is heeded, even when it comes to not only style and fashion, but also simply to day-to-day life.

Back in the early 90s, Konstantin Bogomolov was one of the first to develop the then new trend of image design, which instantly aroused a huge interest – both in society and in media.

In 1999, "Bogomolov’ Image School" Education Centre started its work in Riga, which immediately became widely known in Latvia and abroad. Today this school has an international recognition. Stylists not only in Latvia, but also in many European, Asian and American countries are seeking to learn from Konstantin Bogomolov.

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